See what the industry has to say about Juliet's work:

I live in New York City. It’s an amazing place to train as an actor because you have access to all kinds of classes and information and types of training.

In her recent swing through New York, Juliet Furness brought a unique fusion of experience and expertise that really had a strong effect on me. She had an easy way of opening my emotional doors and I felt I became more receptive—more vulnerable—to the other actors and to my environment. I felt an emotional flow, and I found myself going to places I hadn’t planned on visiting. The whole experience was a little overwhelming—and very powerful.

I highly recommend her instruction for any actor, no matter where they are in their development.
— Christopher Cantwell, Actor (NYC)
I found Juliet’s class hugely beneficial. She has trained in a country where constant practice of ones craft and ongoing training is seen as a necessity not a luxury, and she wants to bring that ethos to the New Zealand acting industry. Her class helped me break down a lot of walls, and shake off bad habits to find the truth and honesty of the character. To get out of the way of myself and simply connect. It was during my training with Juliet that I auditioned for Shortland Street and was offered a core cast role playing nurse Emma Franklin.

I can say without a doubt that had it not been for Juliet’s classes I wouldn’t have felt as prepared, confident and at ease for that audition. I thank Juliet for her tutorship and encourage any actor wanting to further their development and be prepared in a competitive industry to attend her classes.
— Amy Usherwood, Actress Shortland Street
Her level of training and acting experience is at a level that is enviable worldwide.
— Seth Barrish, Private Acting Coach to Oscar winner Anne Hathaway
Juliet you have an abundance of knowledge and experience. I have watched you teach. I have the greatest respect for you. Your love of the craft of acting, your patience and understanding of your students was impressive. I watched you skillfully guide your students to draw out their talent. I can only compliment you on being an excellent teacher. I have enjoyed watching you work with your class
— Jeremiah Comey, Top LA acting coach whose clients include actors from Avatar, The Twilight Saga, Fight Club and Titanic
Juliet is a truly great teacher. The genius of her techniques is that they are equally relevant and useful in approaching work in both film and theatre. The differences in technique seem to become invisible.

In Juliet’s focus on monologues and scene work, she helps actors make breakthroughs by suggesting specific changes in mood, rhythm, and phrasing. I found it exhilarating, thrilling and it helped overcome my deep fear of letting go and submitting to the text.

Having attended group sessions with her, I look forward to regular one on one sessions when I am particularly challenged by roles/characters that I am playing.
— Peter Hayden, Veteran Kiwi Actor
Juliet has helped me to prepare the delivery style and technique, the energy and embodiment of the keynote I am delivering to the top 200 world leaders of Alcatel-lucent Nokia, in Paris this month -(September 2015)

But more than that she is expanding my ability as a Thought leader to move far beyond simply stimulating the audience through transferring knowledge and information, to really moving them and ensuring the keynote becomes a visceral and memorable experience.

This is being achieved as a direct result of not only her skill set, experience and know how, but her ability to really get what I’m trying to do and identify what is required to bring it to life through, presence, timing, pause, embodiment, voice and breathing.
— Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist, Cultures At Work
As an agent, I am always on the lookout for professional development opportunities for my actors. For some reason in New Zealand, quality acting coaches are very hard to come by. There’s the odd exception, but it’s definitely the exception and I have struggled to find a suitable solution. That is until I sat in on one of Juliet Furness’ classes toward the end of last year. Juliet was working with inexperienced actors but her ability to understand their blocks/challenges and help them navigate through these was refreshing and inspiring.

Based on this, I asked Juliet if she could run a short course for our clients. clients. Given that I’d sat in on only one of her classes, I wanted to see how our (more experienced) actors responded to her style before committing to a longer course. To put it bluntly, Juliet has been a revelation. The classes are dynamic, flexible and responsive. Juliet has a seemingly inexhaustible box of tools in her coaching bag and she has made a significant influence in each of our actor’s practice. I can’t recommend her as an acting coach more highly...
— Colin Moy, Red11 Management
The Equity foundation are thrilled at the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from NZ actors after 2 commissioned workshops run by Voice and Acting coach Juliet Furness as part of their professional development series.
— Sydney based Equity Foundation