Corporate Consulting

Juliet is pleased to offer a range of services for her corporate clients in the area of voice and presentation.

2018 update: So far this year, Juliet has completed two successful workshops in professional development: One for the NZ Law Society, and the other for Three Kings Toastmasters.

Her list of clients include keynote speakers, singers (including the winner of X Factor 2013), a Ted Talk speaker, actors, toastmasters, marriage celebrants, lawyers, sales reps, and other business professionals. 

Due to availability, advanced notification is recommended for booking for coaching with Juliet. Contact her directly on 021-115-6157 or

Juliet has helped me to prepare the delivery style and technique, the energy and embodiment of the keynote I am delivering to the top 200 world leaders of Alcatel-lucent Nokia, in Paris this month (September 2015). But more than that she is expanding my ability as a Thought leader to move far beyond simply stimulating the audience through transferring knowledge and information, to really moving them and ensuring the keynote becomes a visceral and memorable experience. This is being achieved as a direct result of not only her skill set, experience and know how, but her ability to really get what I’m trying to do and identify what is required to bring it to life through, presence, timing, pause, embodiment, voice and breathing.
— Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist, Cultures At Work
Juliet’s 1:1 voice coaching is incredible. Life and performance changing and enhancing for me in my business as a speaker and a business person. I cannot speak highly enough about how much Juliet cares about her students and their goals in life, performance and business. You rock. Keep bringing your magic to your students Juliet. I love your work.
— Kate Nankivell. Key Note Speaker for LinkedIn Boot Camps.
Can your voice portray your integrity?
Is your voice aligned with your body, mind and soul?
Are you hampered by blocks when you release your energy using your voice?
Can you truly connect with your audience?
I learned from Juliet how to release my energy and let go and to be a better public speaker. Her classes are hands-on and fun. Make yourself a priority and enroll in her classes, today.
— Magda van Rooyen. President of 3 Kings Toastmasters
I love doing Juliet’s classes . So fun ...and so much more than fun . She has an insight that “ opens up “ scripts . She has a huge passion for teaching - and an intuitive way of teaching that feels really gifted and somehow takes me into my own intuition . I leave every class feeling as if I have a basket of gifts - watching the way she pulls the best out of each of us, learning from seeing the others open and explore and gain confidence as I do. I just cannot recommend her classes more highly. One of the highlights of my week now.
— Liz Gunn. Broadcaster and Presenter