During my 17 years in New York, I was fortunate enough to study with Catherine Fitzmaurice and Carol Fox-Prescott, whose ideas I incorporate in my work with the Voice, the unique expression of your authentic self.

Carol Fox-Prescott’s work is called ‘Breath, Awareness and Joy’- as the work comprises of sheer, joyful experiencing of the Voice. This creates a sense of ‘presence’ about a person, it may be what we call charisma or a sense of aliveness.

Fitzmaurice's work is based on relaxing and freeing physical tension patterns and then increasing resonance and expressivity. Treating the human as inherently expressive and working to free the vitality that may be dampened by external pressures. The unarming of the fight and flight mechanisms stored in the body, naturally frees the vocal system and revitalises the core. Due to its power and speed of progress, Fitzmaurice’s work has been adopted by Juilliard, Yale and Harvard.

This work is fun and exciting - its been the quickest way I have experienced of opening up the range and power of the Voice and bringing a greater level of vibrancy to whatever ones chosen profession may be.

I look forward to sharing these techniques with those looking to increase their performance potential.