Learning outcomes:

  • Personal and professional development:
    Changing your voice transforms your life, and these courses are designed to improve your performance and help you achieve your life's goals. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, IT engineer, sales person, business owner, keynote speaker, singer, actor... These classes are for you.

  • Confidence greater ease and power:
    Taking the restrictions off your habitual holding patterns (held in the muscular tissue of the body), allows the energy of the body to flow freely. This liberation manifests vocally, and reflect in your real world performance regardless of what field this.



Term 1, 2018 feedback:

"This course exceeded my expectations. In one term I have learnt tools I can use for the rest of my life. I have noticed big changes in my voice and my ability to present to large groups of people.”
"Deeper range and better projection.”
"Made me feel comfortable with myself and that translated to performance.”
"Empowering. Life changing. I don’t squeak or strain anymore. More power, sound resonates.”
"Unconventional, life changing, therapeutic.”
"Enlightening, powerful and deep.”
"Challenging, supportive, exciting.”

Term 2, 2018 feedback:

"Helped massively. Both vocal projection but has also opened me up as a person."
"Has contributed greatly to my skill and confidence overall."
"Huge value to public speakers, and to general and deep personal growth overall."
"Exceeded expectations by far."
"Fantastic, unfolding, liberating."
"Liberating, magic."
"Intensity, freedom, beauty."
"Tremendous, endless value."
"Fun. spontaneous and uplifting."



In New York, I was fortunate enough to study with Catherine Fitzmaurice and Carol Fox-Prescott, whose ideas I incorporate in my work with the voice - the unique expression of your authentic self.

Carol Fox-Prescott’s work is called ‘Breath, Awareness and Joy’- as the work comprises sheer joyful experience of the voice. This creates a sense of ‘presence’ about a person - it may be what we call 'charisma' or a sense of 'aliveness'.

Fitzmaurice's work is based on relaxing and freeing physical tension patterns and then increasing resonance and expressivity. Treating the human as inherently expressive and working to free the vitality that may be dampened by external pressures. The unarming of the fight and flight mechanisms stored in the body, naturally frees the vocal system and revitalises the core. Due to its power and speed of progress, Fitzmaurice’s work has been taught at Juilliard, Yale and Harvard.

This work is fun and exciting - its been the quickest way I have experienced of opening up the range and power of the voice and bringing a greater level of vibrancy to whatever the chosen profession.

I look forward to sharing these techniques with those looking to increase their performance potential.