• Employability:
    Classes are designed to help students find acting work.

  • Spontaneity: The focus is on getting the actor to have spontaneous reactions to material. There is no fudging spontaneity. Spontaneity in essence is a truthful vital reaction. It is your genuine response. Not acting but being. This is transformative and makes for real and riveting performances. Spontaneity requires practice, and these classes provide you an opportunity to achieve what looks effortless in so many famous actors performances.

  • Voice: Removing the subtle disconnects that happen when you come under pressure to perform. like using your Actor Voice as opposed to your real Voice. This is a huge tool and makes for significant improvement in the reality of your performances. You start to train yourself to know your disconnects and to redirect yourself back into the truth.

  • Authenticity: By definition if you have developed the ability to not censure your responses by being spontaneous, then you are being authentic. There is a braveness that occurs when you reveal your real response. However, the deep creative state of flow - which happens when you get good at playing - has taken care of this for you . Your work is becoming more effortless. "Work smarter, not harder" - Seth Barrish


"At first I found it terrifying to be doing a scene and not know how things were going to turn out. As a typically insecure actor, I tend towards a safety blanket of planned performance. But instead of contriving a stale performance from pre-conceived ideas, Juliet teaches a technique that is about generating a state of play in the moment. You throw out the blanket and activate your own flawed, interesting human qualities to fuel behaviour in each word and breath of the scene. Very quickly I felt this new way of working to be creating more truthful performance, and the feedback from my classmates has echoed this. I feel like I've stumbled upon some sort of acting secret that not only works, but feels really right.
As a teacher, Juliet demands a high level of professionalism and always knows how to bring the very best out of you. I've seen her take stale scenes from students and transform them with just a few words, bringing wonderful life back into the performances. She has a great sense of humour and working with Juliet has been exhilarating, challenging, fun and incredibly rewarding for me. I'd highly recommend her class for any actors or directors serious about their craft."
-- Romain

"Having been in Juliet's class for 3 terms, I still can't believe something so good was meant to happen to me. Her work, initially seeming strangely different to the acting techniques I had studied at drama school, almost immediately started to 'free' me in a new and intuitive way, a way I always somehow knew must be possible in my art, but which I until meeting Juliet never was able to intentionally access. My experience working with Juliet is best described as 'I stepped into the new world', alive ...And, not surprisingly, this 'state of being' transformed and keeps transforming not only my art, but also my career, and my life. How if feels from the inside? The water is clearer, the sun is warmer, and you should taste the coffee.."
-- Christine

"As someone who comes from a background of being behind the camera, I've had a phenomenal time in Juliet's acting class. I've never received any formal training, so going into it I was a bit nervous. But immediately I saw a massive change in the quality of my performances. Not only did my acting improve, but through this class I have really changed the way I approach acting as a whole. Not overthinking everything, and just letting myself be in the moment and feel has been a refreshing and mind-opening experience. Through this class I've made countless friends and has many opportunities to take what I've learned and put it to use, in theatre performances, short films, and showcases. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to further their ability to bring truth to acting, while having an enormous amount of fun doing so."
-- Josh

"My acting has improved dramatically with Juliet, though having had done some good performances in the past before her it often felt like luck/fluke whether I "get it or not". And many times end up doing "forced" performances more than the good. With Juliet, she has managed to help me get to a point now where I can pick up a new script and feel comfortable delivering the piece with truth and authenticity. And also to explore and be spontaneous in my performance. In the past I have always felt "this is how the piece should go: I want to be angry here, be sad here, and be happy here". Very 2-dimensional and too dictated. Now I feel comfortable in being in the moment and letting my impulses guide me and trusting that my impulse will always be right, and that even if I do something "wrong" I can correct and guide myself back into the authenticity of the piece. As a result, my performances are slightly different and flavourful each time and always plugged into truth/not seeming "acted". This is a huge milestone for me and as a result, I had been given an official offer at RWCMD for my masters in musical theatre, the school is rated #1 by The Guardian for drama schools in U.K. And only offer 12 places each year. I wouldn't have achieved this without Juliet's help. Thank you Juliet, still much work to do and learn, but the miles I have travelled in my acting I am super stoked for!"
-- Jarrod

"I have taken Juliet's class for 3 terms in a row. she absolutely amazing. I have learned so much about myself as a person and how to uniquely use that in my artistic expression. one of my favourite phrases by Juliet is "there is only one of you, and we want you" I have seen how my performance improved both through my own assessment as well as through the eyes of other students and people on my social media. not to mention Juliet's constant encouragement and feedback. I would recommend Juliet's class to anyone as a wonderful opportunity for personal and career development."
-- Hamada

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