Having returned from a teaching stint in New York Dec/Jan 2015 - Juliet Furness is excited to introduce the latest techniques in use there. These ideas are about eliminating the ‘Acting’ - supporting the idea of PLAY and training the actor in contacting truthful emotional responses to the material.

The techniques and approaches that Juliet uses in her classes and workshops are designed to sensitise actors to their creative impulses. Each actor will be guided to use the techniques that are most naturally fitted to them. Because the journey for each actor is an individual one, actors from all levels benefit from this work.

Juliet's Voicework has also been heavily influenced by Catherine Fitzmaurice's approach to voice work, who she has trained with in New York.

Juliet currently runs weekly classes in Auckland. Numbers are limited to ensure everyone works every week in class.

How It Works:

LEVEL ONE - An introductory level suitable for all levels of experience

This is a 10 week introductory course where students work on monologues as well as cold reads. During this time, I support and encourage them to read as many different kinds of monologues as possible, as well as supplying material for them myself.

This is focused on getting the actor to connect with spontaneous reactions to material, sensitizing to them, and concentrating the size and strength of these impulses, generating accurate truthful human behaviour - supporting the world of ‘PLAY’.

This 10 week course develops into more complex adjustments and begins to introduce textual responsibilities from analysis of the structure of the material. The actor is now schooled in the basic principals and is strong enough to hold their own whilst still remaining true to the impulse..

This 20 week course is where we introduce SCENE work, dealing with themes that are found over and over again in the industry. An actor needs to have Fluency and Confidence in their acting around themes that are the staples of human story telling, such as -

- Conflict: ALL movies and plays ever written
- Interrogations: For example TV series Homelands
- Time Deadlines: Heist movies and Oceans 11, 12 and 13
- Creating Dramatic Shaping of Scenes: finding the main event
- Intoxication and Drug States
- Emotional Preparations: necessary for film work
- Real life models for triggering spontaneous behaviour and harvesting it for performance

This forms the basic structure of a year long program.

Current Class Times:
Monday: 7-10PM
Tuesday: 7-10PM
Thursday: 6.30-9.30PM

Please email or call me for an interview to be considered for a place in class:
021 115 6157