Juliet's first overseas experience was moving to Sydney where she studied voice and acting techniques with Brian Syron (Stella Adler’s right hand man and teaching assistant in New York). 

Upon her return to New Zealand she worked as a professional actress, drama tutor, voice coach and casting agent. During this time, she met Jeremiah Comey whilst attending his New Zealand Masterclass. She went on to assist him during his time in teaching at his Masterclass at what was then the New Zealand Drama School. 

His offer of a position as assistant coach at his Film Acting School in Los Angeles saw Juliet leave New Zealand in 1992 to take up this position. 

Upon completion of this work with Jeremiah, she moved to New York where she would spend the next 17 years. This resulted in Juliet studying a vast number of different techniques and methods as she continued to work as an actress herself.

Meeting Anne Hathaway’s private acting coach, Seth Barrish in 1995, she found work that was comparable to Jeremiah’s in the spontaneity, depth of emotional truth and transformation. 

She is also hugely influenced by Carol Fox-Prescott, Tom Noonan, Catherine Fitzmaurice and John Uecker (Kim Stanley Technique), among others.

She now offers acting and voice classes in Auckland. For more information, see the acting and voice pages. 

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